Exploring the Trust you put in People, Apps, and Technology

What is The Shared Security Podcast?

We Explore the Trust you put in People, Apps, and Technology


What are the hot topics taking place in the world of Cybersecurity? How does this affect your business and personal life? Cybersecurity- or known as Infosec – involves understanding the vulnerability of information, the potential people and other threats that could impact it, and the strength of the entities we trust to hold or process our information. We should be concerned about Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of our information.


How does new technology affect your privacy? What are the privacy concerns and shortcomings with the latest technology? Some people may say “Privacy is dead…” But does this mean we should no longer worry about protecting our personal information? If so, then presumably these people don’t need passwords for their online accounts, and they don’t need bathroom doors… Seriously, privacy is a complex matter of trust that involves how others collect, use and disclose information you share with them. You should always try to understand privacy implications when dealing with a new entity or device.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

When we connect everything we use to the Internet what are the risks and what should you be aware of from a business and consumer perspective? Increasingly, devices are becoming “Smart”, which means they can gather information, process it and communicate with other entities. With each new connection, there is potential vulnerability. You should understand the information security and privacy risks when you add a new Smart device to your life.

Mobile Devices and Apps

Mobile devices and applications are part of our daily lives. What risk does this technology pose and what do we need to know for the future? We all want to be able to communicate easily with each other, and with our Smart devices. All of our communications are now focusing around our smartphones and tablets. So the trust we put in our mobile devices affects nearly every part of our lives.

Social Media and Social Networks

What are the dangers and threats of Social Networks and how we use them? How do advancements in Social Media technologies affect you? Social Networks are based on users trusting each other, and the site. But they also represent big money for advertisers and site owners, as well as malicious attackers. So, you need to understand how using these services affects your information security and privacy.

Your Hosts

Thoughts and opinions from real world security professionals.

Scott Wright

CEO of Click Armor The first gamified “continuous cybersecurity awareness platform”
Scott is a veteran security awareness expert, with a long history of innovative projects that engage employees to have confidence in dealing with cyber-threats such as phishing and social engineering. He is also creator of the Honey Stick Project.

Tom Eston

Security Aficionado, Ethical Hacker, Cybersecurity Professional, Public Speaker
Tom has over 15 years of experience in Cybersecurity with a focus on security and privacy research and team management. He is also a frequent speaker at world-wide user groups and conferences.

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