Social Media Security Podcast 22 – Skype Email, Taxonomy of Socnet Data, Facebook Graph API

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This is the 22nd episode of the Social Media Security Podcast recorded January 21, 2011.  This episode was hosted by Tom Eston and Scott Wright. Below are the show notes, links to articles and news mentioned in the podcast:

  • Skype credit email as an apology – a new trend we can expect in 2011 from good guys and bad guys.  Screen shot mentioned in the podcast.
    Scott’s note: I searched for posts about this email before clicking on it, and it was actually legitimate. However, this would be a very compelling phishing attack for any organization that recently suffered a PR setback. Any time you get an unexpected email, even if it looks like the circumstances make sense, you need to check on its authenticity. And any organization issuing such an Email should also post an announcement of the campaign on their home page, and issue a press release to make it easy for people to verify the legitimacy of the email.
  • Bruce Schneier’s taxonomy of social network personal data
  • Facebook now tells you about people you know who have found friends using their Friend Finder
    Scott’s note: I always tell people never to enter their email address and password on sites that aren’t their email service. You don’t know what they will do with your password, or if it might be captured. It also exposes your friends to potentially unwanted email messages – e.g. spam.
  • Facebook Lets Developers Ask a User for Their Address, Phone Number in the Graph API
  • Twitter Worm Pushing Rogue Antivirus Scam

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  • I stumbled across your program and have checked out a few episodes so far. I’m really enjoying it!

    I’m just writing in to ask if there have been any updates since the podcast about Tom’s(?) research on social media sites’ Terms of Service/privacy policies.

    And thanks for pointing me to the Schneier blog post! This is just the kind of thing I was going to look into this week!

  • Thanks for the comment. I’m still finishing up the research around TOS and privacy policies and I hope to talk about it in a future episode.

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