Social Media Security Podcast 39 – Snapcash, Yik Yak, LinkedIn Security and Privacy Tips

socialmediasec-avatar-80x78This is the 39th episode of the Social Media Security Podcast sponsored by SecureState and the Streetwise Security Zone.  This episode was hosted by Tom EstonScott Wright recorded December 12, 2014.  Below are the show notes, links to articles and news mentioned in the podcast:

  • Snapcash” has been announced by the creators of Snapchat. Can Snapchat gain enough consumer confidence to break into the payments field?
  • Yik Yak is a social app for browsing anonymous chats in your locale and it’s gaining popularity with teens and causing some problems for schools.
  • Yik Yak is also not as private or anonymous as you think as a new security vulnerability was just disclosed!
  • How to opt out of Twitter’s new app tracking feature
  • Facebook’s updated Privacy Policy? Not much new, but policies have been reworded to be somewhat less onerous to read
  • Facebook At Work – Will it work?
  • Scott and Tom share our opinions on the big Sony Pictures security breach
  • Scott shares some best practices on how to secure your LinkedIn account. Tom shares some good tips to make your LinkedIn account more private. Here are a few of the tips we discussed:
  • 1) Turn on HTTPS for all sessions:
    – Check the “Secure Connections” box in the security settings page

    2) Turn on Two-Step Verification

    – The security settings page will tell you whether or not two-step verification is already set up
    – You can turn it on, and provide a mobile phone where SMS messages will be sent

    Both are accessible by doing the following while logged in to your LinkedIn account on the Web:

    a) Hover the mouse cursor over your profile picture

    b) Click on the Account tab in the bottom left of the page

    c) Click on “Manage Security Settings”

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