The Shared Security Podcast Episode 56 – Chat Bots, Self-Driving Cars, Bitmoji Keyboards

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This is the 56th episode of the Shared Security Podcast sponsored by Security Perspectives – Your Source for Tailored Security Awareness Training and Assessment Solutions. This episode was hosted by Tom Eston and Scott Wright recorded August 17, 2016. Below are the show notes, commentary, links to articles and news mentioned in the podcast:

Bitmoji keyboard for Apple iOS devices wants “Allow Full Access”. How bad is this?
A word of caution for applications that either replace or allow access to your keyboard on your mobile device!

Over 90 per cent of ICS devices exposed to Internet are vulnerable
Some rather interesting statistics released by Kaspersky recently that show ICS (Industrial Control Systems) that happen to be exposed to the Internet are vulnerable.  What does this mean for critical systems such as our power grid?

Tesla ‘self-driving’ mode linked to first traffic death in potential setback to autonomous cars
It was bound to happen eventually but the first documented traffic death has happened due to the self-driving feature of the Tesla.  Like all new technology that humans have used for transportation (i.e. spacecraft) many have problems early on but over time this technology is safer to use (statistically speaking).

Facebook activates Safety Check after Orlando massacre
You may have seen a notification from Facebook pop up on your feed if you are geographically located near a disaster or new ways for you to “check in” with loved ones.  This is a great new feature which should help improve communication to others when a disaster occurs.

Twitter’s ‘blue tick’ Available To The Masses
Twitter’s famous “blue tick” validation process is now available to the public.  However, as co-host Tom Eston found out, you have to be a pretty well known public figure and the process is still very subjective.  I guess Tom isn’t famous enough to be validated by the Twitter gods as human. 😉

A happy story about a kid’s smart watch that saved him from being kidnapped
We don’t hear a lot about new technology saving lives but here’s one that helped a kid from being kidnapped.

Scott and Tom discuss chat bots!
What are they and how have they evolved? What risks to they present? Chat bots could have been used in this recent crisis with Delta Airlines.

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