The Shared Security Podcast Episode 70 – Insider Threat Psychology with Special Guest Dr Helen Ofosu

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This is the 70th episode of the Shared Security Podcast sponsored by Security Perspectives – Your Source for Tailored Security Awareness Training and Assessment Solutions. This episode was hosted by Tom Eston and Scott Wright with special guest Dr Helen Ofosu recorded November 29, 2017. Below are the show notes, commentary, links to articles and news mentioned in the podcast:

Interview and discussion about insider threat psychology with Dr Helen Ofosu
Dr Ofosu has more than 15 years of experience using industrial and organizational psychology in the business and government sectors. Dr Ofosu brings her vast knowledge, sensitivity, and special brand of humor to her career consultations, business, and government clients, and her presentations and speaking engagements. In this podcast Scott and Tom discuss insider threat psychology with Dr Ofosu, how to address insider threats in the workplace as well as what the most common “psychological factors” are that manifest as insider security threats to organizations. We also discuss some recent news stories about insider threats and what they mean to you and your organization.

Thanks again to Dr Ofosu for being a guest on our show! Be sure to connect with Dr Ofosu through her website, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Please send any show feedback, suggestions for future guests and topics to feedback [aT] or comment below. You can also call our voice mail box at 1-613-693-0997 if you have a question for our Q&A section on the next episode. Be sure to visit our website, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Thanks for listening!

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