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The State of Cybersecurity Training and Certifications with Kevin Johnson

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In episode 87 of our monthly show, frequent guest Kevin Johnson joins us to discuss the current state of cybersecurity training and certifications. If you’re currently in the industry or pursuing a career in cybersecurity this is one episode not to miss! Tom and Kevin cover the following topics:

  • What’s the state of training and certifications in our industry?
  • Why is some training so expensive?
  • How did we get here?
  • What’s the biggest challenge we face?
  • What should we look for in a training provider and are certifications really worth it?
  • What certifications are valuable?

We also discuss the recent incident of Kevin’s training provider which was compromised a few weeks ago. Kevin talks about the way they handled the incident, how they disclosed to the public, and the right way to handle a data breach and incident. Full write up of the incident that we mention on the show:

This episode was also streamed live over Twitch and YouTube Live! Be sure to subscribe to us on Twitch and YouTube to catch the next live episode.

Special thanks to Kevin Johnson for being our guest. It’s always a pleasure to have Kevin on the show!

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