The Home Security Episode – Locks, Doors, Cameras, and More!

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In episode 89 of our monthly show Scott and Tom discuss everything you need to know about home security with physical security expert, Patrick McNeil. We delve deep into the world of locks, lock bumping, doors, windows, surveillance cameras, alarms, and much more. If you’ve always wanted to know how best to protect your home or residence this is one episode not to miss! Check out the YouTube edition of this episode for Patrick’s presentation on lock bumping and the contest we had during the live stream of this episode.

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Subscribe to our getVokl channel and get notified when we’ll be live so you can chat and participate in our next show! Here are the home security topics we covered:

  • What you need to know about locks, the quality of the lock you buy at “big box” hardware stores vs. what you get from a locksmith
  • What is lock bumping and how is it performed?
  • Windows and doors: how easy is it for a criminal to break in?
  • What is the proper installation of a dead latch?
  • Why you should hire a professional locksmith vs. trying to increase the security of your locks on your own
  • Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED)
  • What should you look for in a surveillance camera and where should they be placed?
  • Why dogs (even small ones) are a great deterrent
  • Are alarms worth it and what about placing “fake” alarm company signs?
  • Vulnerabilities in certain popular alarm systems
  • What the number one thing that’s most overlooked with home and neighborhood security.
  • The two talks that Patrick gave on “The Right Way To Do Wrong: Physical security secrets of criminals and professionals alike” at CackalackyCon and Layer8.
Thanks again to Patrick for being a guest on our show! Be sure to follow the Shared Security Podcast on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest news and commentary. If you have feedback or topic ideas for the show you can email us at feedback[aT] First time listener to the podcast? Please subscribe on your favorite podcast listening app or watch and subscribe on our YouTube channel.
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