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Aaron Zar, Co-Founder and CEO of Silent Pocket

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On this special edition of the podcast we speak with Aaron Zar, co-founder and CEO of Silent Pocket. Silent Pocket has been a long time sponsor of the show and it was great to catch up with Aaron to get his thoughts on the current state of digital privacy. On the show we also discuss:

  • Why privacy isn’t dead and how Aaron responds to people that say “Who cares about privacy! I have nothing to hide!”
  • How Silent Pocket products are helping people protect their digital privacy and stay more secure
  • The history of Silent Pocket, their first products, and how Aaron started his career
  • What products are recommended for the average person?
  • What new and innovative products are in the pipeline?

It was a pleasure having Aaron on the show and we hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did! Check out Silent Pocket’s great line of faraday bags, wallets, and other gear including their new Faraday Bag Waterproof Backpack which we discuss on the show. Don’t forget, because you listen to this podcast, you receive 15% off your order using discount code “sharedsecurity” during checkout at

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