Top 10 Podcast Episodes of 2019

Top 10 Podcast Episodes from 2019

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Thank you for supporting and listening to the show this year! Initial data on our download numbers show that we’ve grown our audience by over 40% in 2019! Having said that, if you haven’t listened to our most popular episodes you should definitely check these out and add them to your playlist.

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Your Hosts, Tom Eston and Scott Wright

#1 – The State of Cybersecurity Training and Certifications with Kevin Johnson

We sit down and have a lively discussion with frequent guest Kevin Johnson about the current state of cybersecurity training and certifications in the industry. If you’re in cybersecurity (or looking to have a career in cybersecurity) this is one episode not to miss!

(and yes, that’s a real Sandtrooper costume behind Kevin…)

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Show notes:

#2 – Amazon Alexa Recordings, Facebook Malware Campaign, Top 3 Tips to Stay Private on Vacation

Smart speakers have been all the rage this year and they also have been in the news in regards to privacy issues and security vulnerabilities. Facebook continues to also have its share of privacy and security issues as well, and Tom shares with us his top 3 tips to stay more private on vacation.

Show notes:

#3 – Ransomware Rampage, Mobile Phishing Attacks, iPhone App Ad Trackers

2019 was when Ransomware became a massive problem for many users, but also for corporations and city governments impacted by massive ransomware attacks. Phishing has also evolved to now target mobile users, and we also explain how ad trackers work on Apple iOS.

Show notes:

#4 – Multi-factor Authentication, New Attacks on 4G and 5G Mobile Networks

Almost every week this year we probably mentioned a story or situation if multi-factor authentication was enabled, a hack or breach of data could have been prevented. We also discuss new attacks on the mobile networks (and future networks) that we use everyday.

Show notes:

#5 – Ring Doorbell Privacy Concerns, Recent Password Breach News, Biometrics and Fifth Amendment Rights

Ring surveillance cameras were all the rage to purchase this year but these cameras also had large privacy concerns not to mention how easy they are to “hack” when owners reuse or use poor passwords to secure them. Data breaches continued to be in the news, and how biometric authentication relates to your Fifth Amendment Rights.

Show notes:

#6 – US Cyber-Attack on Iran, Poor Government Cybersecurity, Malvertising Campaigns

Things get complicated when Iran shoots down a US drone so in retaliation the US launches a cyber-attack on Iran, the US government has very poor cybersecurity (shock), and everything you need to know about a new threat called “malvertising”.

Show notes:

#7 – All about VPN’s with Gaya Polat from vpnMentor

VPN’s have been another hot topic on this podcast this year so we wanted to have, Gaya Polat from vpnMentor, who explains what a VPN is, what it can’t do, and why a VPN is not an end all, be all solution for maintaining your privacy on the Internet.

Show notes and interview transcript:

#8 – The Home Security Episode – Locks, Doors, Cameras, and More!

Home security is about much more than just locking your front door. With advances in technology, there are now lots of new ways to help secure your home. We brought physical security expert Patrick McNeil on the show to talk about locks, doors, surveillance cameras, and how you should approach securing your home.

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Show notes:

#9 – Preventing Illegal Robocalls, Webcam Spying, Dating App Account Hacking

Robocalls and all the scams and fraud related to calls like these became a major problem in 2019. The good news is that in this episode we explain some of the technology that should start to help reduce these calls in the next several years. Webcam spying and “stalkerware” was also a major threat this year and yet, another target for account hijackers appeared…dating apps.

Show notes:

#10 – Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency, Firefox Zero Day, Smart TV Malware

Facebook announced this year that they are going to start their own cryptocurrency (which has not quite taken off yet), popular web browsers like Firefox became a target for attackers, and just like we scan for malware on our computers, you can now scan some Smart TVs for malware as well.

Show notes:

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