FBI warrantless searches

FBI Warrantless Searches, Passwordless Sign-Ins, Keylogging Web Forms

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The FBI searched emails, texts and other electronic communications of 3.4 million U.S. residents without a warrant, Apple, Google, and Microsoft have announced they will support a new passwordless sign-in standard created by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium, and details about how some websites are keylogging your data as you type it into a web form, before you hit submit.

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FBI Searched Data of Millions of Americans Without Warrants

Apple, Google and Microsoft Commit to Expanded Support for FIDO Standard to Accelerate Availability of Passwordless Sign-Ins

The End of Passwords as We Know It
Interview with Andrew Shikiar from the FIDO Alliance

Thousands of Popular Websites See What You Type—Before You Hit Submit

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