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Google Now Supports Passkeys, Risky New Top Level Domains, Twitter’s Encryption Dilemma

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In this episode, we explore the arrival of passwordless Google accounts that use “passkeys,” which offer enhanced usability and security. We discuss the benefits of passkeys over traditional passwords, but also why passkeys are not quite ready for prime time use.

Next, we discuss Google Domains’ introduction of new top-level domains (TLDs) like .zip and .mov, raising concerns about the potential use for malicious activities. We separate fact from fiction, and discuss the real risks involved.

Lastly, we examine Twitter’s long-awaited encrypted direct messaging feature. We explore the limitations and criticisms surrounding its implementation, highlighting the importance of true end-to-end encryption solutions like Signal.

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Kevin Johnson on Security Weekly: Artificial Ignorance & Pen Testing

Google passkeys are a no-brainer. You’ve turned them on, right?

Don’t panic. Google offering scary .zip and .mov domains is not the end of the world

Twitter’s Encrypted DMs Are Deeply Inferior to Signal and WhatsApp

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