Back to school cybersecurity tips

Back to School Cybersecurity, Phishing Pitfalls and Strategies, X’s (Twitter) Blocking Overhaul

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In this episode, we discuss essential cybersecurity tips for students and educational institutions as they gear up for the school season. From software updates to strong passwords and cybersecurity education, we explore how students and schools can fortify their digital defenses.

Next, we navigate the treacherous waters of phishing and related scams, unveiling strategies to outwit malicious links. Hovering over links, cautious email scrutiny, and verification tactics all play a role.

Finally, we discuss the surprising policy change by X (formerly Twitter), where blocking faces a major overhaul. Tune in as we discuss the privacy and safety ramifications of this change.

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Back-To-School Cybersecurity Tips

4 ways to avoid clicking malicious links that everyone online should know

Elon Musk says users on X, formerly Twitter, will lose ability to block unwanted followers, eliminating key safety feature

Join OWASP so you can vote for Kevin who is running for the board of directors!

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