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The Shared Security Podcast is hosted by Tom Eston, Scott Wright, and Kevin Johnson since 2009 (Kevin was added as an “official” co-host in 2020). Back in 2009 (and when the show was named the Social Media Security Podcast) social media was fairly new to everyone so we saw a need to provide news and education on social media security and privacy.  Today, we have much more than social media in our lives. Smart devices, applications, privacy concerns, and buzzwords like “IoT” (Internet of Things) dominate the headlines daily.

The name “Shared Security” comes from the idea that cybersecurity and privacy is a shared responsibility and that we all need to explore the trust that we put in people that may use new technology against us. It’s our mission to provide you the latest cybersecurity and privacy news and interviews with cybersecurity and privacy experts with timely tips and advice in a brief weekly format. The goal of this show is to help you stay more secure and private in our connected world.

Every week we cover the top cybersecurity and privacy news stories, conduct interviews with privacy and cybersecurity experts, and occasionally dive deep into a particular cybersecurity or privacy topic. You can also subscribe to our YouTube edition where you can watch each episode, guest interviews, and more.

Where do I download or subscribe to the Podcast?
You can subscribe to the podcast through any of the podcast subscription services on the right side of this page.  You can also listen directly from each episode on this website or via our YouTube channel. Check out the full listing of our previous episodes.

Where can I interact with other listeners, co-hosts, and comment on stories from the show?
You can join the Shared Security Community on Reddit!

Where can I find the old episodes of the former Social Media Security Podcast?
All old episodes from the Social Media Security Podcast (2009-2015) are available in our episode feed.

I have topics I’d like to hear about, I want to be a guest, or I’m interested in sponsorship opportunities
Please contact us via email at feedback[aT]sharedsecurity.net.  You can also fill out our “Contact Us” form.

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