June 10, 2015

FAQ’s about the Podcast

Welcome to the Shared Security Podcast!
The Shared Security Podcast evolved from the former Social Media Security Podcast which has been recorded on a (mostly) monthly basis since 2009.  As the years went on we realized that our show topics became more focused on new technology rather than just “social media”.  Back in 2009 social media was fairly new to everyone so there was a need for a focus just on social media security and privacy.  Today, this is still an important topic. However, with the use of mobile devices and applications, increased awareness of privacy concerns and the latest buzzword “IoT” (Internet of Things) we saw the need to talk about these new concerns as well.  The name “Shared Security” comes from the idea that security is now shared amongst people, technology and social media.  It’s more important than ever to be educated about how new technology affects the security and privacy of our personal lives and businesses.

Where do I download or subscribe to the Podcast?
You can subscribe to the podcast through any of the podcast subscription services on the right side of this page.  You can also listen directly from each episode post using the player embedded at the end of each post.

Where can I find the old episodes of the former Social Media Security Podcast?
All old episodes from the Social Media Security Podcast (going back to 2009) are available in our Libsyn archive.

I have topics I’d like to hear about, I want to be a guest or I’m interested in sponsorship opportunities
Please contact us via email at feedback[aT]sharedsecurity.net.  You can also fill out our “Contact Us” form on the main page of this website.

Where did you get the cool background images?
Background image(s) used on this site as well as the Shared Security Facebook and Twitter pages are courtesy of Yuri Samoilov under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License.

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