The Shared Security Podcast Episode 63 – Special Guest Jayson E. Street, Misconceptions About VPNs

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This is the 63rd episode of the Shared Security Podcast sponsored by Security Perspectives – Your Source for Tailored Security Awareness Training and Assessment Solutions. This episode was hosted by Tom EstonScott Wright and special guest Jayson E. Street recorded April 12, 2017. Below are the show notes, commentary, links to articles and news mentioned in the podcast:

Interview with Special Guest Jayson E. Street

In this episode we were joined by “notorious” hacker Jayson E. Street who is the InfoSec Ranger at Pwnie Express, Senior Partner at Krypton Security, CEO of Stratagem 1 Solutions and author of several books. Here is a short snippet of his bio:

“Jayson battled a dragon during the Fire Run in Barcelona Spain. He ‘accidentally’ broke into a shark tank in the Dominican Republic and climbed the pyramid of Giza (until the guards carrying AK-47s expressed their displeasure). He consulted with the Secret Service in 2007 on the WIFI security of the White House, and has had tea with a Lebanese General in Beirut.

Jayson never finished High School but does have his GED. His first book is used as course material at four colleges in three countries (that he knows of), and he has spoken at numerous universities in the US and gave an eight-hour lecture at the Beijing Institute of Technology in 2014. Outside of standardized education, Jayson has spoken seven times at DEF CON, at the first five DerbyCons and at many other Cons (Hack in Paris, Nuit Du Hack, IT-Defense, SYSCAN360, PH-Neutral, etc…) around the world.

Jayson is only one degree away from Kevin Bacon after awkward hugging Oliver Stone and Jimmy Fallon. He started in security and law enforcement over 30 years ago and has always striven to make things more secure. Jayson has been in the Information Security industry for over 17 years, and once broke into a high scale hotel in the South of France – barefoot – wearing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pajamas. He was also noted as the best janitor of all McDonald’s in the South East Texas region for 2 consecutive years.”

Jayson provides us his perspective on the current state of privacy and security in the world, his thoughts on VPNs and hearing stories about his most interesting adventures including breaking into banks and other organizations (with permission of course). We also find out how he became Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” in 2006 (true story!). Jayson is probably the most interesting hacker and security professional you will ever meet!

Jayson is going to be on the National Geographic series “Breakthrough” called “Cyber Terror” which airs Tuesday, May 9th at 10pm Eastern on the National Geographic Channel.  You can see a preview of Jayson and this really cool series at the National Geographic website.

Misconceptions about VPNs
There is lots of talk about using VPNs given the recent news that ISPs in the US can now sell your data. However, there are many misconceptions going around about VPNs and how they should be used from a privacy perspective.  Jayson, Tom and Scott share our thoughts on this topic and what VPNs should be used for.

Someone hacked every tornado siren in Dallas
While it may not have been “hacking” (more so “phreaking”) it goes to show you what can happen when critical infrastructure has been compromised or simply malfunctions.

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