Biden's National Cybersecurity Strategy

Biden’s National Cybersecurity Strategy, BetterHelp’s FTC Fine, Chick-fil-A Data Breach

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What you need to know about Biden’s new National Cybersecurity Strategy, which aims to provide a framework of what the current administration wants the US federal government, critical infrastructure organizations, and private companies to do to work together to improve national cybersecurity.

BetterHelp, a direct-to-consumer mental health app, has been asked to pay $7.8m by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for allegedly passing on users’ mental health information to Facebook, Snapchat and others.

Fast food chain Chick-fil-A has confirmed a credential stuffing attack that allowed cybercriminals (who apparently really love chicken sandwiches) to access 71,473 customer accounts and sell access to them online.

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Biden’s Cybersecurity Strategy Assigns Responsibility to Tech Firms

FTC: BetterHelp pushed users to share mental health info then gave it to Facebook

Chick-fil-A confirms accounts hacked in months-long “automated” attack

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